Are You Waiting on a Health Crisis?

What are you waiting on?

Are you waiting to develop a chronic disease like cancer, heart disease or diabetes before you really get serious about getting on the right track?

Do you feel in the back of your mind that you are “different” from others who had health issues, and therefore, it probably will not happen to you?

Is your trigger to take care of yourself going to be a heart attack or a stroke…after which it could already be too late?

Are you waiting until “the time is right” before you start eating right and exercising?

Really, what are you waiting on?

Sometimes, we like to wait for certain things to happen before we really decide that we are going to make healthy lifestyle changes.  Perhaps a high school reunion approaches, or we hear that a friend got sick, or maybe we hit a milestone age.  Ha…sometimes, we do not even know what we are waiting on.

Honestly, the “right” time usually never comes, and also, taking care of yourself is not even a matter of us being ready to do it; it is a matter of needing to do it.  The human body is wonderfully built and works great when it is provided with its simple needs (water, rest, exercise, good food, etc.), but they can only cope so long after our daily abuses to them.

To cut to the chase, if a healthy life is what you desire, why wait?  Even if you feel like you may fail, do not let that stall you from starting.  Your quality of life is worth itYour family is worth it.  Don’t wait until you are afflicted to wish you had done something.

Why not today?


Watch This Motivating Video!!

Watch this video from and be motivated:

Wow, what a motivation!

I watched the video at the link above, and now I am really pumped.  We really do not know the God-given potential that lies within all of us.  It is easy to think you cannot do something because ‘society’ has determined that it is impossible for you for whatever reason:

  • You will never dunk; you are too small
  • You will never be able to get that baby weight off…it is impossible, so just live with it
  • Your parents did not succeed, so you will not either
  • You are too ‘weird’
  • You are not smart enough to go for that degree
  • You will never be able to run that 5K; you know how long that is?  You never did that before

Man, FORGET all of what people say!  God made you!  You are exactly who God wanted you to be, and you are literally saturated with potential.  People intentionally or unintentionally try to hold you back, but at the end of the day, the decision is yours as to if you allow yourself to be held back.

Do not limit yourself!  Be motivated!


Follow MY Transformation Journey (Part 5)

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OK!  Reset!

This is the 12th and final week of the challenge, and I am not where I planned to be.

Yeah, admittedly I did not plan quite right.  around the beginning of March is when I began to cut down on my carb-heavy food consumption, but I saw about mid-March that I should have started earlier.

That said, this message will be brief.  I will not be submitting pictures for the Bodybuilding challenge, but from here, I will continue on MY OWN challenge and end it at the end of May.  My goal is to restart with cutting out the carb-heavy foods around the middle of this month, while ramping up on short duration, high intensity cardio like sprints.  THEN, we will see where I end up on my self imposed end-of-May deadline.