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Hello all,

FYI I have just self-hosted this blog within the past week!  I decided to do this as a step of faith, and after many months of contemplation.  In case you have not been able to tell, I am really passionate about this health stuff, so after 7 months of consistent blogging, I am taking it to the next level.

My URL remains the same:  The theme is the same as well, but there are a few significant differences:

  1. I have a front page now
  2. You now have to navigate to to read the blog posts
  3. I have also added a few other pages that are still under construction
    1. I Recommend – a page where I primarily recommend products to you that I have used and liked.  For the most part, this will be stuff like exercise equipment and books
    2. My Products – in the relatively near future I will have my own eBook (already written; in the editing process).  Pretty exciting stuff.  I also anticipate more of my own products in the further future
    3. Online Personal Training – when I get the opportunity and the time, I will begin to offer Personal Trainer services online.  Basically, this will include personalized workouts with the option of accountability help

This is what I need from you.  Please subscribe to my blog, even if you have already.  When I switched hosts, it did not move my followers over.  Therefore, you will not receive my posts unless you subscribe again.

Also, if you see anything that has helped you, would you pay it forward by sending it to someone else who you believe needs it?  My sincere prayer and desire is that people be helped by the content on my site, and my best help with getting the word out will be from word of mouth from people like you.

Thanks for your help in advance, and remember to subscribe!


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