Weekend Harvest 5 July


We went out to the garden and pulled out a few things:

  1. Garlic – All of the stuff covered in soil is garlic.  We eat a lot around here, for the taste as well as the health benefits.  It is very, very easy to grow.  Just pull those cloves out of the pantry that have started to sprout, plant them in the ground, and after they sprout, wait until the long green leaves/stems turn brown and fall over.  It’s ready.
  2. Tomato – Just one little tomato.  I need to water the garden a bit more…oops.
  3. Carrots – The carrot on the left would have been longer, but it grew into our Georgia clay and was very hard to pull out.  There is a lot more where this came from, though.  We planted 2-15 foot rows and just need to get out there and get them.

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