From Garden to Table: Turnips

I recently decided that as my wife and I begin to eat from our backyard garden, I will occasionally post pictures of the process it takes to get the food from the garden to our dinner table.  I do not plan on posting recipes because I am not so much of the recipe type, but I hope that this motivates you to know that it really is possible to eat part of, or all of, your food from your own backyard.

No pesticides, fungicides or herbicides…

No GMOs…

No grocery store traffic…

…and almost no money (aside from the cost of seeds, seedlings, and dirt here and there).

Turnips1 Turnips2 Turnips3 Turnips4 Turnips5 Turnips6 Turnips7 Turnips8 Turnips9 Turnips10 Turnips11 Turnips12



6 thoughts on “From Garden to Table: Turnips

    • As far as how best to prepare turnips, from my own experience I like them best in turnip greens. This time we tried mashed turnips…prepared pretty much the same way you would prepare mashed potatoes. The only thing is that when you boil the turnips, you have to change out the water at least once because of the strong taste that turnips have. We’ve also prepared turnip latkes before (kinda like a potato pancake, except with turnips of course). Those are pretty good, and not too hard to make, so I’d encourage you to look them up.

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