Food Sensitivities – I Think Wheat is Clogging My Nose

Man, I think wheat is making me congested.

Several months ago, I started getting congested every night before bed.  Every single night.  I really dislike that.  It makes it harder to sleep at night when you are trying to pull oxygen through inflamed, clogged nostrils.  It is not normal, either.  You get stuffy for a reason, like if your body is fighting a cold infection, for example.

So after paying just a little more attention to how I feel after eating, as well as a comment from my wife about how she felt after eating too, I suspect that wheat products are the culprit.

Just this Monday, for instance, I ate chicken salad in a whole wheat wrap, and probably 30 minutes later I realized I was almost talking like Chucky from Rugrats.  I also became more aware of my heartbeat; it felt like it was beating faster and harder (palpitations?).  I am almost certain that I have had the same experience after eating wheat in the past.

Wheat is a staple in American diets for the most part.  It is one of the big crops grown in our land.  If it is eaten, whole grain is the way to go for health reasons.  It’s more common counterpart, white flour, is very widely used and is not good for you, even though it is enriched.  If you do not already know, do a Google Search on white flour.

Anyway though, it seems like some individuals need to avoid wheat altogether – whether it is whole grain or not – because of a protein in it called gluten.  Gluten is found in a couple of other grains, and can cause an inflammatory response in some people with a variety of symptoms around the body.  In some cases it is suspected to fuel autoimmune disorders in those sensitive to it (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.)… and autoimmune disorders are nothing to play with!

So I heard about that stuff, but never thought I might be one of those affected by gluten as well.  After eating several meals and noticing the same symptoms afterwards, it is time for me to change something.  My plan is to cut wheat out of my diet to see how my body responds.

Do you feel a certain way after you eat bread, or anything with wheat flour in it?  How about after you consume dairy…or anything for that matter?  Do not ignore how you feel; your body might be trying to tell you that you need to lay off of whatever that is.  Yeah, your friends might still eat it, but sorry, it might not work for you.  You do not want to get sick when you could have avoided it by just avoiding one type of food.


4 thoughts on “Food Sensitivities – I Think Wheat is Clogging My Nose

  1. Man when I eat bread I can feel this gnawing feeling on the right side of my intestines or whatever’s over there. Sometimes its more painful than others but when I do gluten free bread I don’t have much of a problem or thin tortillas or something light don’t bother me much either. But yup bread makes me really full, bloated and just plain bla! Dairy does similar, makes me gassy and I get acid re-flux especially with really rich, cheesy or milk stuff, even milk chocolate.

    • Yep…as you know, it’s for a reason! And to think that I never heard of this stuff when I was a kid or a teenager. No telling what kind of symptoms I had even back then that was my body trying to clue me in.

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