Are You Waiting on a Health Crisis?

What are you waiting on?

Are you waiting to develop a chronic disease like cancer, heart disease or diabetes before you really get serious about getting on the right track?

Do you feel in the back of your mind that you are “different” from others who had health issues, and therefore, it probably will not happen to you?

Is your trigger to take care of yourself going to be a heart attack or a stroke…after which it could already be too late?

Are you waiting until “the time is right” before you start eating right and exercising?

Really, what are you waiting on?

Sometimes, we like to wait for certain things to happen before we really decide that we are going to make healthy lifestyle changes.  Perhaps a high school reunion approaches, or we hear that a friend got sick, or maybe we hit a milestone age.  Ha…sometimes, we do not even know what we are waiting on.

Honestly, the “right” time usually never comes, and also, taking care of yourself is not even a matter of us being ready to do it; it is a matter of needing to do it.  The human body is wonderfully built and works great when it is provided with its simple needs (water, rest, exercise, good food, etc.), but they can only cope so long after our daily abuses to them.

To cut to the chase, if a healthy life is what you desire, why wait?  Even if you feel like you may fail, do not let that stall you from starting.  Your quality of life is worth itYour family is worth it.  Don’t wait until you are afflicted to wish you had done something.

Why not today?


6 thoughts on “Are You Waiting on a Health Crisis?

  1. You’re right…there’s never a “right” time to start making good health choices. Now has to be the time because if you wait for a health crisis to make the changes you need to make, you still may not make those changes because you still have the same mind that you had before the crisis. As a personal example, I had a pretty big health scare about two years ago. After learning about it, I started changing my diet and exercising, but then, after time went on and I saw that I was still alive and relatively well I started to regress back to where I had been before. And then I told myself, “I’ll get back on track when I’m thinking of having a baby so that the baby can be healthy,” but then when I learned I was pregnant I kept making poor choices – they may have even gotten worse. Then it became “I’ll get back on track after Thanksgiving…after Christmas…after New Years??? ok, for real after President’s Day” Then came this person’s birthday or that celebration. Or I finished a fast and wanted to “let go” temporarily after the fast. Next thing you know, I’m celebrating all the time and waiting for the perfect time to start eating healthy on a consistent basis, but never quite getting there. There has to come a time when you say “enough is enough.” My choices will not be dictated by the circumstances around me. I admit that I’m not quite there yet, but I know what I need to do…

  2. What advice do you have for people like me that want to workout, but aren’t motivated to do it alone and don’t want to pay monthly gym fees?

    • First of all, thanks for the comment! You’re like me with the gym fee thing; I like gyms, but don’t like paying for them. I would say to look for a buddy who you can do something with a few days a week, whether that be a class (free of course, lol), jogging, a fun sport you can do together like tennis, or even just to walk. Another thing you can do is to try implementing little bits and pieces of exercise in your daily routine. You could throw some push-ups in here or there while getting ready for work, you could take a morning walk to clear your mind and pray, park further away at the stores, and things like that. It all adds up. But if you can find a friend or group to work out with for free, that would probably be best. Accountability is huge.

  3. Good stuff. Thank you for this. Starting to make additional changes Monday. Increasing cardio and vegetable intake.

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