You Should Know – Folks are Living Longer, But…

Check out this story that I read about a week or so ago about life expectancies increasing around the globe:  Life Expectancy up Worldwide

This is always good to hear.  I do not have much to say about this, except for a couple of rhetorical questions:

  1. Why does the United States not make the top 10 for females OR males?
  2. Why is it that all of the countries in which life expectancy is below 55 are in Africa?  (Being african-american, this bothers me).


Picture from under creative commons licensing.  No changes made.


9 thoughts on “You Should Know – Folks are Living Longer, But…

  1. Hi! I saw this article too and found it very interesting. What are people in Japan that we need to know about?? I think it could be more fresh food…more fish…and less sedentary lifestyles…

    Just a few thoughts…I like your blog!

    -Kerry Haslam

    • Thanks for the comment, Kerry! Yeah exactly…Japanese are definitely on to something, and I think what you said is a lot of it. I think their communities are exceptionally strong as well. I am actually going to do a follow-up post to this per (good) recommendation of my wife.

  2. That’s awesome doc as the Word says “with long life He shall satisfy my” and I realize that we have to do our part by eating right and exercise

  3. Food is part of it, but Japan’s obesity rate is only ~3% vs our like ~30%. They exercise quite a lot over there. They actually have free exercise sessions every morning (radio calisthenics).
    As for Africa, mainly healthcare and water sources. Maybe also their shelter, but I don’t know much about that.

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  5. This article is really telling! I started wearing a pedometer and decided to do a little research into how many steps people around the world take. The average American takes only 3,000 steps daily while the average Japanese person takes 10,000 steps. Let’s not even talk about the Amish who take 19,000 steps a day….

    • Oh wow, man…so we’re not even close! I’m glad that you mentioned the Amish as well; I admire Amish and Mennonites because of their persistence in living so much differently (and healthier) than the rest of culture. Thanks for that insight, as well as the post in general!

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