You Should Know – “Test Tube” Meat?

I read this article on CNN today about a few companies developing alternatives to conventionally produced meat.  With the exception of a couple of companies mentioned, the alternatives are still meat…well, sort of.

The “meat” is being produced, not by growing a cow, but by chemistry lab methods.  I will not go into detail because the article has enough, but essentially, the meat is grown artificially, apart from the actual cow.

The proposal is that the “test tube” meat will reduce the environmental impact that conventionally produced meat has on the environment, and true, if it does not have to do with an actual cow, than it will.  Other things that might reduce footprint would be organically raising cows (grass feeding and pasturing) and the reduction of meat consumption for the population since some say we eat too much meat in the first place.  Just saying.

Test Tube meat, man?

What do you think?  Comment below!


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