Watch This Motivating Video!!

Watch this video from and be motivated:

Wow, what a motivation!

I watched the video at the link above, and now I am really pumped.  We really do not know the God-given potential that lies within all of us.  It is easy to think you cannot do something because ‘society’ has determined that it is impossible for you for whatever reason:

  • You will never dunk; you are too small
  • You will never be able to get that baby weight off…it is impossible, so just live with it
  • Your parents did not succeed, so you will not either
  • You are too ‘weird’
  • You are not smart enough to go for that degree
  • You will never be able to run that 5K; you know how long that is?  You never did that before

Man, FORGET all of what people say!  God made you!  You are exactly who God wanted you to be, and you are literally saturated with potential.  People intentionally or unintentionally try to hold you back, but at the end of the day, the decision is yours as to if you allow yourself to be held back.

Do not limit yourself!  Be motivated!



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