You Should Know – GMO Salmon Coming Soon?

Here is a story I came across just recently about GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) salmon that might be coming to store shelves in the near future:

Certain GMO vegetables are already common in stores, including corn, soy and squash, but GMO animal products, according to this article, have not reached stores yet.  And apparently the government has yet to approve this fish to be sold.

Anyway, I reposted this article so that we can know what is going on with our food.  If you read further into the article, you will see that current FDA regulations still do not require that GMO products be labeled (the EU requires labeling so that consumers can choose whether or not to eat GMOs), therefore if GMO salmon came out, you might never find out.

For those who alter the genes of plants and animals meant for consumption, the purpose is (appears) noble; to make plants naturally resistant to pests and diseases, to make animals’ waste more environmentally friendly, and things like that.  However, altering the genes of plants and animals is relatively new technology, and because of that, little is known of how those organisms might impact the environment if they blend with non-GMOs or if they are eaten long-term by us.

Personally, I believe that messing with genes starts to venture into dangerous territory, and that there are other less questionable and undoubtedly beneficial ways to solve the problems GMOs are being made to solve.  In any case, though, at least be informed.  If you might be eating this stuff, you should know this.

What do you think?  Comment below!


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