Follow MY Transformation Journey (Part 5)

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OK!  Reset!

This is the 12th and final week of the challenge, and I am not where I planned to be.

Yeah, admittedly I did not plan quite right.  around the beginning of March is when I began to cut down on my carb-heavy food consumption, but I saw about mid-March that I should have started earlier.

That said, this message will be brief.  I will not be submitting pictures for the Bodybuilding challenge, but from here, I will continue on MY OWN challenge and end it at the end of May.  My goal is to restart with cutting out the carb-heavy foods around the middle of this month, while ramping up on short duration, high intensity cardio like sprints.  THEN, we will see where I end up on my self imposed end-of-May deadline.


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