Man’s Attempt to Improve on Nature

I’m sure many of you know the saying, “if you can’t beat them, join them.”  That is the thought that goes through my mind with this post.

Throughout history, and perhaps especially within the past 100 years, man has emerged with several new “improvements” on Nature that in fact have not been improvements as much as they have been complications for Nature.  And in these cases, at least as much as I have considered, if man worked with the way Nature was created instead of trying to improve on it, the outcome would be much better.

High processed sugar (granulated sugar, corn syrup, etc.) consumption in society contributes to many illnesses, including obesity and diabetes.  Man invents artificial sweeteners, that allow for the sweet taste, without the calories.  Artificial sweetener has long been suspected to be linked to health problems including cancer.

Insect pests destroy the crops of farmers, costing thousands of dollars worth of damages.  In a “resourceful” manner, man begins heavy usage of synthetic pesticides which increase crop yields.  Synthetic pesticides have been linked to cancers and immune system disorders in humans, and have caused harm to animals as well.

To increase shelf life, the oil hydrogenation process is developed.  Food spoilage is drastically reduced as a result.  Trans fat is created in the hydrogenation process, and contributes to increased cholesterol, clogs arteries and damages blood vessel walls, and is very hard for the body to process.

With recent developments such as cloning, genetic modification of plants,  and other scientific “improvements,” only time will tell whether these are improvements or something else.


Can we improve on nature, or are we hurting ourselves and wasting our time?


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