Follow my Transformation Journey (Part 4)

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5 Minute Workouts!

Set timer to 5 minutes and start

Do 20 pushups

Do 10 body weight squats

Do 10 chin-ups

Do 10 calf raises

Take no more than about 5 seconds rest

The 5 minute workout is what I have been using on my strength training days (Tues-Thurs-Sat) under the following circumstances:

  • If I don’t have time to do a focused 1 hour workout session
  • If I want to get some additional training in on strength training day

In either case, I will get several of these sessions in on a strength training day.  And don’t let the simplicity fool you…this workout will have your muscles pumped and your lungs looking for more oxygen.  More importantly, if you don’t have the time to do an extended workout, who can’t set aside 5 minutes 1-3 times a day to get something in?

On the other days (Mon-Wed-Fri), I either run, jump rope, or play basketball.  Lately, it has been running, and as I have not put in a lot of miles lately, I started running 10 minutes, and will tack on a minute for each running session until I get back up to a half hour.  I do recommend it as a good way to build your stamina up in a gradual manner, but only if you already have a good fitness base (and are cleared with a physician, of course).  If not, after checking with your physician, I would recommend the Couch to 5k program.

As far as diet, I am keeping it simple by doing a few pieces of fruit in the morning (apples, bananas), a meat (or bowl of beans) and a green vegetable for lunch, and a full meal with protein (meat or beans), grain or starch and plenty of vegetables for dinner.  Snacks are usually either fruit or nuts.  As you see, my daily meal plan is relatively low in carbohydrate-heavy foods, because of my goal to get the fat down.  It works; I’ve done it before so I say this from experience.  However, I am NOT starving myself.  I eat plenty.  Also, I personally don’t think you need to cut all of your carbs out.  Many of the carb-heavy foods have good nutrient profiles (and your body needs nutrients), so I believe it is best to just lower them a bit.   So if you are out there and you want to lose extra weight, I recommend lowering your carbs, and filling yourself with vegetables so you aren’t starving yourself.

I hope this helps someone.  4 more weeks left in the challenge!

Repeat over and over until the timer goes off


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