Follow my Transformation Journey (Part 3)

Been a while since I reported where I was with this challenge.  But better late than never.

For the past while, I have been focusing on calisthenics, with little cardio.  Also, my diet has improved, but I am still not reducing the amount of carbohydrate-heavy foods like bread yet.  From my own past experience, greatly reducing (but not eliminating) those foods will definitely cause your fat levels to drop.  With my current focus, I believe that I have added muscle over the month of February, based on how things look.  I don’t have my stats right now; I will post those later.

The month of March is when I plan on doing the following to go ahead and start cutting my fat levels down:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be my main cardio days.  Cardio will consist of running, jump rope, and/or basketball.  My desire is to get a 30 minute run in, or a 30 min-1 hr session of basketball.  If not, however, the plan is to get in as many 5 minute sessions of jump rope throughout those days.
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will continue to mainly consist of a calisthenics session or 2, totaling at least an hour of work.  Some brief cardio like jump rope will be added.
  • Diet-wise, the plan is to reduce carb-heavy foods like whole grain bread, brown rice, oats and potatoes to once per day, replacing them with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Again, based on my past experience, this really works to get your fat levels down.  When I tried it, I was pretty surprised myself to be honest.

What do you think?  Are you doing your own transformation for the year?  Comment below!


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