Follow my Transformation Journey (Part 2)

I’m back.  Still going pretty hard into this Transformation Challenge (see Part 1 of this post series here).

Honestly, my diet over the past two weeks has been better, but very much in need of improvement!  I realize that I developed a stronger sweet tooth over the holidays, and that I’ve kinda allowed food to have a stronger grasp on me.  I probably need to fast.

As a brief aside on fasting, I don’t necessarily recommend fasting to lose weight per se; rather, I recommend fasting every now and then 1) if you feel led to do so by God (of course) for some purpose, and 2) to show your body who is really in charge.  So often, we eat everything we want, good or bad, and we end up in a place where we have to have what we want.  We become slaves to food.  That’s no way to live!  We shouldn’t be slaves to anything.

Anyway though, on the exercise side, I’ve been relatively diligent with that as well.  Calisthenics really do provide a great workout.  My workout hasn’t really changed since the first post, but I’ve been challenged timewise.  I get something in everyday, though.  My biggest shortcoming has been in the cardio area.  I was supposed to get in at least 10 minutes of rope jumping every day, but I’ve only done about 5-10 minutes of rope jumping about 3 days this week.  I’ll do better.

My stats are as follows:

Weight – down 2 lbs

BF% – down 4.4 (it didn’t really drop this much; my first estimate was 15%, and my latest measurement, 10.6%, was done with calipers)

Check out my Bodyspace blog for more details.

What do you think?  Are you doing your own transformation for the year?  Comment below!


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