Follow my Transformation Journey

As of almost two weeks ago, I entered the 2014 Transformation Challenge. has held this transformation challenge every year for the past few years, in an effort to motivate people at the beginning of the year to reach their goals to gain muscle, lose weight, and become healthier overall.  The grand prize for the overall winners has varied, but this year it includes $50,000, as well as a decent amount of money just to buy Dymatize products (Dymatize sponsors the challenge).

So why am I doing it?  Well, I will say that $50,000 would be pretty cool.  But not for splurging, though; my wife and I are on a quest to pay off ALL of our debts, including mortgage, so that’s pretty much what any prize money would go towards.  So yes, that is somewhat of a motivation.  Also, however, the main motivation is to put my own training methodology to the test.  I tell others that you can get your health in order with minimal to no equipment (or money for that matter) by using calisthenics, rope jumping and running, but a thought I had was, “how better to prove that it’s possible than by showing it myself?”

My fitness level is pretty good right now.  I exercise approximately 4-5 days each week, even if it amounts to only some pushups and chin-ups.  My cardiovascular fitness is ok, but I am not nearly where I have been or could be since I have averaged only about 15-20 minutes of cardio per week for a while.  Because of the holidays, my body fat level went up to approximately 15%; not too bad, but I’m not too fond of it.  Over the 4 month duration of this challenge, I hope to reduce my body fat level to no higher than 10%, while retaining the muscle I have (gaining muscle will be cool, too) and getting my fitness level back up so that I can be ready for future 5K races.

The general outline of my workout plan right now is as follows:

Strength Training and Cardio

100 Pushups, Chin-ups and Squats, done throughout the day

10 minutes of Rope Jumping

4 Sets of Tiger Pushups and False Grip Pull-ups at least 3 days a week

1000 Calf Raises each day (through the end of January)


One large salad to replace one meal

This will change over time, but I won’t be posting those changes here; they will be posted on my Bodyspace page.  I will also post progress pictures and stats on my weight, measurements and body fat percentage.

If you’re interested, follow me to see if this stuff actually works.  Now, I have you to hold me accountable by putting this out there, so I’m counting on you!

What do you think?  Are you doing your own transformation for the year?  Comment below!


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