1000 Calf Raises Per Day Challenge…You In?? (Part 4)


Click here to go to the other articles in this series:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Just a short update because I’m tired tonight.  I believe this stuff is working some, but I also have to make sure I’m getting my measurements right.  I did these a few times.

Right Calf Size:  15.25″

Left Calf Size:  15″

I am taking my measurements as consistently as I can.  They do actually look and feel a little bigger.  I think it shows that you don’t necessarily need weights to grow them (weights are probably more efficient and effective for calf growth, though).

What do you think?  Will 1000 Calf Raises each day for a month take someone from touching the rim to hardcore dunks?  Comment below!


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